GLOBEX INTERNATIONAL - Network Market Service Criteria

Please review our expectation shown below and kindly accept:

  1. Respond to Globex initial inquiry for interest in local fronting within two business days and advise Globex of all applicable local requirements, taxes and fees.
  2. Respond to Globex formal request for local fronting within one business day.
  3. Provide Globex with written (email) confirmation of acceptance within two business days of receipt of formal instructions from Globex.
  4. Sign and return Reinsurance Agreement (or Cover Note) upon receipt from Globex within five business days.
  5. Issue local fronting policy within ten business days of receipt of countersigned Reinsurance Agreement (or Cover Note) and completion of local legal requirements.
  6. Deliver local policy in accordance with above Globex instructions.
  7. Email copy of policy to Globex in accordance with above Globex instructions.
  8. Do not collect premium unless specifically instructed by Globex in above instructions.
  9. Respond to renewal interest inquiry from Globex within two business days.
  10.  At the direction of Globex, proceed with renewal with service as set forth in above criteria.